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Campus Coupon Center
The Campus Coupon Center website serves as a marketplace selling some of our favorite product and linking to coupons, price drops and sale items from over 40 of the internet's finest retailers. Our aim is to provide the best possible prices and deals as well as valuable information about each merchant.

Credit Card ABC
Credit Card ABC is your convenient one stop directory of all things Credit Card related.

  • Research Credit or Charge Card offers by issuer or by type.

  • Compare Credit and Charge Card offers from  major banks and issuers like Citibank, Chase, American Express, Discover, Advanta, Bank One, Household Bank, MBNA, Pulaski Bank and others.

  • Choose between Credit Cards offering rewards like airline miles, cash back, hotel rewards, travel rewards and gasoline rebates.

  • Read our assessment of the credit and charge cards listed on the Credit Card ABC site.

  • Learn about credit and credit card related topics by reading our six informative resource guides including:
    1) How to Avoid Credit Card Fraud. (read)
    2) A Guide to Choosing the Right Credit Card. (read)
    3) All About Credit Reports and Credit Scores. (read)
    4) A Guide to Establishing Credit. (read)
    5) A Glossary of Credit Terms. (read)
    6) A Guide to Rebuilding or Repairing Damaged Credit. (read)

  • Apply online for the card that suits your needs: easily and securely.

Fat Campus
Fat Campus is a constantly evolving source of resources for college students. Large amounts of content and more than 170 advertisers are managed in a logical, intuitive manner. Every page is accessible from every other page. The text based navigation bar makes it easy to add links to additional content as it is edited and posted without changing the structure of each page. Fat Campus is self sustaining from revenue derived from affiliate marketing.

Industry Surplus
The Industry Surplus Website was created as a convenient and efficient way to connect buyers and sellers of prototype, used, repossessed and otherwise idle assets. Our aim is to create a mutually beneficial environment for both parties.

  • Browse hundreds of surplus assets by computer on the Industry Surplus website.

  • Ask questions pertaining to the surplus assets on the Industry Surplus website either by e-mail, by filling out the form on the contact page, or by phone.

  • Utilize the expertise of the Industry Surplus asset reallocation team in selecting the right equipment for your application.

  • Purchase listed items from reputable sources.

  • Place a "Wanted Ad" at no charge to apprise the Industry Surplus website visitors of your equipment needs.


Fat Campus is a service of M Web Builders who invite you to visit:
Credit Card ABC - The internet's premier source for business and personal credit cards
Industry Surplus- The best place to find used and surplus equipment
Campus Coupon Center - for sales, coupons and price drops from Select  Merchants
Fat Campus - the college student resource and entertainment mega-site.