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Convenient, One Stop Source for NCAA, NASCAR, NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL Fan Gear and a Huge Selection of Tee Shirts of All Kinds    

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Welcome to Trusty Turtle T-Shirts and Gear. We offer a large selection of Team sports gear and apparel from all four of the major pro sports as well as licensed products from 80 NCAA Schools. We have gear from some of the top NASCAR drivers and 2 unique products: the Collegiate E-Bike and the Game Day Sign. Then, of course, there are the tee shirt collections with hundreds of styles to choose from.

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Click Here to explore our collections of gear, apparel and memorabilia from 80 Colleges and Universities.

Click Here to pick a gift or memento that celebrates Major League Baseball and your favorite team.

Click Here for assortments of gear and apparel from every team in the National Basketball Association.

Click Here to find the perfect gift or souvenir from the heroes of the gridiron in the National Football League.
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Click Here for the Collegiate E-Bike electric scooter:  the perfect gift for the alum, student or fan.

Click Here to explore our collections of gear and apparel from the top drivers on the NASCAR circuit.

Game Day Signs are just the thing for that special fan who wants to show off his or her love of their school.

Click Here to pick a gift or memento that celebrates The National Hockey League and your favorite team.

Trusty Turtle Tee Shirt Mania

No item of clothing lets you express yourself like the t-shirt. There are tees for every mood, in every color, promoting anything from heartfelt causes to silly slogans and showing off the wearer's affiliations, inclinations and desires. We offer these tee shirt collections for your consideration: 
Animal Themed Tee Shirts
Our collection of animal themed tee shirts includes some favorite dogs by breed as well as other doggy tee shirts. There are a variety of tees for the cat lovers among us too. Other animal tee shirts include the Black Bear Cub, dolphin, zebra, deer, wolves, horses, polar bears, turtle, unicorn, rhino, rabbit, chameleon, panda, manatee, killer whale, jaguar, iguana, harp seal, hamster, elephant and lion.


   Australian Native T-Shirts
All Australian Native T-Shirts are 100% cotton, comfy fit and are made ENTIRELY in Australia. Our range of t-shirts are professionally screen printed with fully licensed Aboriginal artwork, Australiana and Animal designs. Australian Native T-Shirts is a family owned and operated business.
Automotive Themed Tees
Our collection of automotive themed tee shirts celebrates our love of cars. It includes classics from the beginning of the automotive age like the Route 66 Woodie. There are tee shirts celebrating the American muscle cars of the 1950's, 60's and 70's like the 'Cuda and the Merc'. Other tees show some of custom street machines cruising as well as today's classics like the PT Cruiser and the Viper. 
Biker Themed Tee Shirts
Our collection of tee shirts with a biker theme blends patriotism, power and attitude.
Christian and Lighthouse Themed Tees
Our Collection of Christian and Lighthouse themed tee shirts give the wearer a chance to show off their devotion to their faith. The lighthouse has long been the symbol for Jesus Christ, the light of the world. Great for the lovers of lighthouses too.
Clearance Tee Shirts
Some designs go out of production. They have to be sold to make way for newer ones. Others don't sell as well as we'd like so the price is cut. Still others have "gone stale" and so are no longer a part of the product mix. Whatever the reason, this selection of clearance merchandise shouldn't last long at the prices asked, so don't wait too long. Some are already down to 1 left!
Corona Tee Shirts & Gear
Grab a long neck bottle of Corona, slice up a lime and drop a wedge in. Lean back in your chair and take a sip. Now you're in the mood to do some shopping. Our collection of Corona Apparel and Gear is just the thing to show off your love for your favorite beverage and keep you looking cool and stylish too.
Dixie Themed Tees
Our collection of Dixie Themed tees celebrates the traditions and people of the South. Styles range from the sweetness of Southern Girls to Southern Pride, Music, Racing and Tradition.
6 Food & Beverage Themed Tees
If you are what you eat, then you'd best eat something good. And if you're proud of the good things you eat or drink, why not show them off with our food and beverage themed tee shirts. We have candy apples tee shirts, crabs tee shirts, lemonade tee shirts, cocktails tee shirts seafood tees and more.
Humor Themed Tee Shirts
Our collection of funny tee shirts will put a smile on the faces of the people who see them. Some are silly. Some are politically incorrect. Some poke fun at yourself. Others are in your face.
I Hate Clowns Tee Shirts and Gear
We've got your official coulrophobia (the fear of clowns), anti-clown, clownophobia mechandise. Cool "i hate clowns" t-shirts, stickers, messenger bags and more. If you are looking for something unusual, these items are unique.
Music Themed T Shirts Page 1
This first page of our Music Themed Tees includes shirts from bands including AC/DC, Allman Bros, Beatles, Black Sabbath, Blondie, Bob Dylan, Bon Jovi, Britney, Bruce Springsteen, Doors, Elvis, Grateful Dead, Iggy Pop, Incubus, Iron Maiden, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, John Lennon, Kiss, Led Zeppelin, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Motley Crue and more.
Naked Zombie Tees
Our collection of tees from the politically incorrect world of Naked Zombie make an "in your face" statement that can't be missed.
On Sale Tee Shirts
Some Tee Shirts are on sale for a reduced price. This collection puts them on one page so that the bargain hunter can easily check out the styles on sale.
Plain Tee Shirts
Our collection of plain tee shirts is just the thing for people who like the style and comfort of a tee shirt without making a statement. The collection includes tank tops, ringer tee shirts, v-necks, long sleeve and sleeveless.
Russian T-shirts, Jerseys and Sweats
Our collection of Russian apparel and watches comes to us from Russian Legacy. These unique items set you apart from the crowd. They are perfect for Russian majors, as gifts or for anyone who wants to show their affinity for this interesting country.
Sports Themed Tee Shirts
This collection of sports themed tees has everything from the sports you play and watch every week. Warning: there may be humor here!
Truck Themed Tee Shirts
Our collection of truck themed tee shirts showcases a variety of trucks from the classic pickups of the early days of the automotive age to the big rigs that run up and down the highways delivering everything we need. There are tee shirts showing custom trucks as well as the contemporary pickups.

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